Organic selenium

Органичен Селен

Organic selenium – powerful antioxidant and cell protector.

Selenium is an essential cellular protector – an important element of antioxidant protection. It is a component of glutathione peroxidase – an enzyme, removal of free radicals, which many other antioxidants can not cope. Selenium deficiency not only reduces immunity and performance of the thyroid gland, but also leads to cardiovascular, endocrine, oncologic diseases. In stripped of this protective micronutrient body are accumulate heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, mercury; enhances the toxicity of tobacco smoke and unfavorable urban environment contaminated with burnt gas. Selenium prevents damage to the liver affected by toxic or infectious phenoxy, improves seborrhea and other skin diseases.


According to the Scientific Institute of Oncology in the US in patients receiving prophylactic microdosages Selenium mortality in most common cancers (lung, prostate, colon and rectum) is reduced by 49%.


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