“Cleanliness is half health.”
Bulgarian folk wisdom


The experts advise to follow detoxification regime at each change of season.


The need for detoxification and length of the body cleansing is individual for each person. You will have got the opportunity to make your own arrangements and detox diary here. A few days after you register, you will have access to it.


Before you begin, you should familiarize yourself with the basic causes of intoxication and the importance of thorough purification of the body.


From time immemorial people have stood out as fundamental ethical treatment and witnessed his role in good health. A Chinese wisdom says that you have to works on purification of thoughts, because if you do not have bad thoughts, you will not have bad deeds.


While there are certain negative factors is difficult to avoid (mostly associated with the quality of the environment, food and water, as well as certain predispositions to health ailments), in determining health represented our daily decisions regarding lifestyle. Try to listen to your body, it knows best what you need.


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