Why does DetoxiFive contain this specific combination of ingredients?

DetoxiFive contains the strength of andrographis, lespedeza, thyme, burdock and selenium, in order to improve the natural circulatory and detoxifuing processes in the body. Each of the ingredients is precisely selected in order to target the functions of the most important detoxifying organs and body systems- cell protection, neutralisation of the toxins and waste from biosynthesis and breakdown processes, and the removal of those potentially harmful substances from the body. The ingredients have a joint action and help the whole detoxification of the body, because the process needs to be unified and thorough.

Is  Detoxifive a natural product?

Detoxifive is a natural product. It contains a high- quality standardised extracts and selenium (organic L-selenomethionine structure). Even for the excipients needed for the capsulation, sustainability of the capsule, and its solubility in the body (Clicke HERE for more), there have not been any animal, artificial colours, artificial flavours, artificial preservatives or films used.

What is the Detoxifive intake cycle?

The cycle varies in relation to the individual body need. If a person wants cleanse prophylactically, then the recommended cycle is 1-2 tablets twice a day with plenty of water for 15 to 30 days. After that Detoxifive can be paused for 15 to 30 days and then the cycle can be repeated. If the person is diagnosed with a specific condition; or a person is exposed to more toxins, stressful working conditions, smoking, alcohol, and other harmful substances; or has weak immune system; or other medical treatments, he can take 2 tablets twice in the course of two or three months. You can consult a doctor or healthcare professional before undertaking a longer cycle.

How many times per year is it good to undertake a thorough detoxification of the body?

Healthcare professionals recommend that a person undertakes a cycle of detoxification with each change of season or according to individual needs. You can help the process of cleansing by developing a healthy diet that includes an increased intake of fruit and vegetables, drink plenty of water, engage in physical activities and establish good sleeping pattern.

Can Detoxifive be used during pregnancy?

No, Detoxifive must not be taken during pregnancy.

When is best recommended to start Detoxifive after an antibiotic treatment?

You can start taking the product immediately after the antibiotic treatment, and it is recommended to take 2 tablets twice a day with plenty of water. It is recommended the cycle to be at least a month. After that you can pause Detoxifive for a week and repeat the cycle.

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